JUPITER_LOGO_GIFProject:- Industrial & Supply Chain Facilities: Jupiter Industrial & Logipark @ Kheda, Near Ahmedabad, Gujarat

We have unique investment opportunity in alternative asset class backed with safe and real assets. A willing investor can look at buying units on ownership basis in Industrial & Supply Chain Facilities on pre lease basis. The investment not only earn periodic income in form of license fees (Rentals) but also gives investor opportunity to reap appreciation in the value of property and underlying land as the surrounding infrastructure develops and city grows. Ticket size of investments are flexible to meet investor’s appetite and need.

Investment in this asset class not only offers direct ownership of real assets and subject to market conditions offers opportunity of earning regular income and capital appreciation as investment gets older.

Facilities shall be managed by professionals for day to day upkeeping and future licensing requirements. This is ideal opportunity for :

  • Low risk appetite investor
  • Investors looking to balance a risk investment portfolio with regular fixed income
  • Executives of public and private sector looking for consistent source of second income or planning retirement
  • Self employed professionals looking to channelize surplus funds beyond Fixed Deposit and Corporate Deposits.
  • Investors looking for Sariah Compliant incomes from their investments.
  • High Networth Investor, Institution, Fund, Corporats, Bodies, Trusts etc.
  • Enterprising individuals, firms, corporate etc. looking for space for Industrial and Supply Chain activity for self use.
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